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DigitalScope is the premiere online viewer for viewing very large images, in real time, over the web. It has been adopted by the College of American Pathologists as their preferred image management, proficiency/quality control testing system.

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What is DigitalScope?

DigitalScope is a web-based viewer technology allowing users to view extremely high resolution images over the Internet - in real-time.

How does DigitalScope work?

We pre-process the images and only transmit what you need to see at any given moment.

Who should use DigitalScope?

Anyone wanting to view very large, high resolution images over the Internet in real-time.

How big are the images?

We have some images that measure 266,000 x 180,000 pixels. We are always looking for bigger images.


International Medical Quality Improvement Systems offers clinical laboratory proficiency testing solutions over the web using DigitalScope and QC Scope.

Serenus View

Serenus View focuses on providing high resolution digital image viewing over the Internet to a wide range of markets.

AAB Proficiency Testing Services

AAB Proficiency Testing Service (PTS) is a leading healthcare informatics company specializing in providing quality management testing programs used by medical laboratories and healthcare organizations to assess, monitor and improve diagnostic test results.


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